Time to Choose an Elective!

Dear Parents of Stella Maris Academy:

On behalf of our school staff, I hope this note finds you well and that you and your children are enjoying your summer. Here at SMA, we are in the midst of trying to place our students into electives of their choice for Trimester One.

Last year we started our electives program and all students seemed to enjoy this time. Electives meet twice a week for 45 minutes each starting the week of September 5th. Electives will change slightly each trimester and you will be emailed each time to select a new elective for the new trimester. We do our best to place students in the electives of their choice.

Advanced Art  — students will delve deeper into all aspects of drawing in Trimester 1.

Sports Skills — a class of additional time to develop specific skills in the sports of the particular season at our school and Catholic Sports League.

Brain Games  — laughing while one learns, a class to stimulate one’s brain with friendly individual and team competitions including games, trivia and puzzles.

Choir  — students will have time to sing, and this may perhaps lead to become the basis of our “Star Singers Glee Club/Acabellas” as it progresses.

Folklore — In this class, we will explore different kinds of folklore practices including folktales, legends, riddles, games, rhymes, proverbs, greeting formulas, jokes and more. We will we learn how they are structured, discuss their role in society, create our own versions.

 Math Mania — Students needing a little extra time of support will do so under the watchful eye of a middle school math teacher. They might strengthen their skills with math games, or maybe tackle the concepts being taught in class and attack upcoming assignments!

Thanks so much for taking the time to let me know what elective your child is interested in for this first trimester. Your children will have the opportunity to select again near the beginning of our second trimester. There may be different electives offered at that time as we continue to explore ways of serving you and your children through the blessings of our school programs!

Please fill out the  following FORM by Wednesday, August 23rd.

Respectfully yours,

Katie Zack


Summer Work

Want to come back to school in the fall and attend our ice cream social? What about having the math department serve you pancakes? If either of these options interest you, please take a moment and check out the information below.

Every summer our students are asked to read and complete math assignments (grades 4-8) to help prevent the summer slide. Below you will find the links needed for these assignments.

Mrs. Marcelino’s Ice Cream Social Summer Reading Log – Students in kindergarten through third grade are asked to read and record 10 books. Students in fourth and fifth grade are asked to read five books, and middle school students are asked to read three books.

Middle School Reading (6-8) – Mrs. Fowler is asking all students to read one fiction book and one non-fiction book over the summer. Students entering seventh and eighth grade will be asked to be ready to speak about their book when they return. Read the letter to find out more about what is being asked of our students.

Summer Math (4-8) – Students in fourth through eighth grade are asked to complete 8 ALEKS assignments over the summer with a score of 90% or higher. If students score lower, they can use the Quick Retake option to simply redo the problems they missed. Assignments can be found in the upper left hand corner of ALEKS by clicking on the three lines and selecting “Assignments”. It is strongly suggested that students complete the 8 ALEKS topics before working on their personal pie if they are close to finishing their pie so as to not lose their work on the assignments.

Thank you! We hope you have a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing you on Monday, August 28th.